Relaxing Body Massage

Quite often, the word erotic massage in humans there is an association with the phrase Thai massage. Despite the proximity of these concepts, they are not equivalent. Types of erotic massage is quite a lot, and every culture, in which practiced this method does not impact the human body, has in turn different options. By the way, each of us can create a unique erotic massage, not even knowing about the existence of other systems, you just try to make a nice relaxing body massage to your partner, but not letting him finally fall asleep, but gradually arousing sexual desire.

Erotic massage - it's almost a win-win to lift the mood and the partner to deliver an incomparable pleasure, is a fun game where touching, fondling and kissing replace each other. Properly conducted manipulation help even tired after work to relax the body well, and then tune in to the love game. Many admit that a good erotic massage continuation delivers incomparably more fun than traditional sex. You can arrange a real theatrical performance using sexy outfits

You should start with a relaxing bath. And it is not only hygienic, but also to focus on yourself a partner, causing to forget about work and other chores. The water in the bath should be quite hot, and your hands are caring and gentle: gently rub bathe back, gentle massaging movements spread over his head shampoo. It is desirable to himself sincerely admire the body of the ward. It is not so difficult as it seems. If you have something annoying (beer belly, chin, imperfect proportions) to move their attention to more attractive to you parts of the body (strong hands, slender legs, favorite eye). Your attitude is sure to be passed to the partner. After a hot bath - soft cozy huge towel and route on the massage bed (bed, couch, floor, as long as the surface is not too tight).

The first stage - massage extremities. Optimally, if you choose to use massage oil massage (that offers a modern sex shops, will be very useful), in this case, your hands will glide smoothly over the skin. Better to start with the feet, then jump into his arms. The most sympathetic point for exposure are on the feet and palms, with their help it is easy to relieve tension and enhance circulation. Especially pay attention to the toes, in most men, this part of the body is quite sensitive to caresses erogenous zone. Once paid attention to the extremities, continue to massage the back, starting with a simple light strokes. Gradually, the speed of strokes should grow, you can move in any direction: up/down, circular motion. Efforts should be reasonable to deliver only a pleasure, not discomfort from too severe exposure.

After relaxing part (partner lies on his stomach) in its own right is gradually entering the erotic component (partner flipped on its back). Generally the procedure called erotic massage has two basic rules: do not let sleep finally and avoid exposure directly over the genitals. So, at the disposal of the masseur is the front part of the body, which can also be pampered with gentle touches, gradually connecting caress her lips and tongue, as well as bare-chested. The most sympathetic point: earlobes, neck, chest, nipples. Your traffic light, teasing, without pressure and passion, as if in passing. With increasing desire to move towards the stomach area, but not in a hurry.

Mastery of erotic massage lies in the fact that to prolong the pleasure longer. Below the navel is very sensitive area, a light corresponding to even light touch. How would not look invitingly genitals - ignore this area (or touch it as if by accident) and once again begin to rise.

It must be remembered that the oral sex lips and tongue must act without the stress, otherwise they will not touch gentle and enlistment, but rather tough.

On the "final straight" massage can bring to bear toys for adults that offers a sex shop, especially if you know exactly what you are "plant" your partner and yourself, you are still not very good at massage. Whatever it was, with constant training your hands (and other body parts) will learn how to accurately determine its own path and intensity of exposure, and this skill will always be appreciated.

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